FrontPoint Security Reviews

Why Choose FrontPoint Security? Service and Safety

FrontPoint Security has had a big impact on the home security industry, in a very good way. FrontPoint Security has also had a huge positive impact on their customer base, search for FrontPoint Security and you find mainly positive reviews from their customers.

The interesting thing about FrontPoint Security customers as seen in their feedback, is they typically have options; they could probably do business with any home security company but choose FrontPoint Security.

A good number of them have purchased the services from other alarm companies in the past and may have been dissatisfied, but found FrontPoint Security to be a breath of fresh air.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security Systems

So how does FrontPoint Security achieve a high level of customer satisfaction?

Great question… Yes, we researched the company, their home security offerings, equipment, monitoring plans, technology, customer experience etc… and it is clear that while FrontPoint is a home security with typical service offerings – they have committed to a unique approach. An approach that has a them outperforming some industry home security veterans.  If you had to narrow down FrontPoint Security’s winning approach, we would attribute it to their laser focus on THE CUSTOMER.

Everything about FrontPoint Security seems to be geared towards improving the customer experience, improving being the key word here because they are not resting on their laurels. FrontPoint Security sells, but they have an interesting no cutting corners approach, the sales reps go over almost every detail of why their home security system and services are different and explain the benefits as it applies to you – the individual, in your life and your circumstances.

They also give you a customized quote, based on your needs (and they explain why you’re getting a customized quote and not some pre-determined package) and your current concerns.

Excellent customer service is not a new formula for success by any means, there’s nothing groundbreaking about that concept, but FrontPoint’s ability to implement and make a science of the customer experience speaks volumes for the company. FrontPoint is positioning to be the leader in home security for many years to come from what we can tell.

FrontPoint Security believes that 100% of their customers should have the safest possible security system out there. Their definition of safest home security system comes from an understanding that for many decades now, most home security systems have worked the same.

A control panel is hard wired into the house, placed in a closet or basement, and then wires run to different points of entry within the property like the doors and windows. When a door is kicked in or a window is opened or broken in a burglary the alarm is tripped and a siren goes off. The Control Panel then uses the phone line to dial out to the monitoring center or central monitoring station.

Then the police are called and then dispatched to the property in question. I just described the typical hard wired home security system you may find in many homes and businesses today. You may also find that they may be close to 10 years old or even older. The truth is what was commonly available to people back then was to hard wire home security systems and connect, using a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) landline connection to the monitoring center.

FrontPoint Security Monitoring plans and all their features give us more insight into why FrontPoint continues to be the #1 rated home security company. They have taken first class home security monitoring and focused on the customer experience while using their system. Improving peace of mind and making the system smarter and easier to use. You can’t go wrong with either of FrontPoints Security’s Protection, Interactive or Ultimate monitoring plans.